About us

Our range of services

Special transportation service all over Europe

- Authorization service (especially for Italy)
- Accompaniment service with our own vehicles [image]
- Austria STVO 2-4 l Germany BF-3 l Italy Scorta Tecnica

Special transportations [image]

Storage [image]

- with overhead travelling cranes for load capacities up to 2 x 35 tons 

Why choosing ELITE Transport Service GmbH?
  • Why transact your heavy transports in the most accurate and conscientious way. One single contact person will take care of it from the starting place to the place of destination.
  • We dispose of many years of experience of international destinations with heavy tranportations.
  • Europe is growing together. That's why the sector of heavy transportation needs reliable partners.
  • You can count on the competence of a flexible company.
  • Our management advises and serves you personally.
Put your heavy transportations into our hands and your clients are gonna be satisfied.
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